Swift River Key Features

  • River Valley cliffs, slumps, and geological features.
  • Fish and other aquatic species, river and shoreline birds, Bald Eagles, White Pelicans, Turkey Vultures, raptors, Beaver and their dams.
  • Watercraft recreation: kayak, canoe, paddle board, and rafting. The boat launch at Echo Dale Park. Exit sites located at Redcliff River Valley Park South Saskatchewan River bank, Harlow river bank , 1st Street NE Fire Station #1 ramp, Strathcona Island Park ramp, 11th Ave NE river bank, and Sandy Point Park ramp.
  • View of red cliffs, escarpments and slumps, riparian native shrubs, cottonwoods, 4 bridges, Water treatment and electric power plant, NW Riverside Trail, Waterfront Veterans Park, City Hall, Courthouse, Police Point Park, Strathcona Island Park, confluence (junction) of the Seven Persons and Ross Creeks, River Bend Cliffs and Castles/pinnacles, Great Blue Heron Rookery, and Bald Eagle Nests.
  • History: CP Rail bridge, and paddle wheel steamer.
  • History – See the City of Medicine Hat’s Arts and Culture and Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

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