“Parks and recreation are essential to high quality of life, community health and well-being. Recreation pursuits are key to individual health and well-being, create opportunities for both personal and community growth, and are strong contributors to community identity and vibrancy.” (Executive Summary, Recreation Master Plan, City of Medicine Hat, March 2022).

Recreation activities in the Scenic Views of Medicine Hat are numerous and diverse. This includes passive uses such as getting together and relaxing to more active uses such as exercising, biking and paddling. Hatters are fortunate to have ready access to beautiful local outdoor areas, where we can choose to experience and enjoy our permitted recreation activity.

Please view the recreational photos in the Recreation Photo Gallery. As you look through these photos, pay attention to the important role that a healthy environment has in providing us with many recreational opportunities. Landscape, plant, and wildlife biodiversity are critical to supporting present and future generations’ enjoyment of nature.

It is everyone’s responsibility to chip-in and carry out responsible and caring actions such as: ensuring garbage and waste is properly disposed of: keeping to designated trails; and to control invasive species on private properties. Stewardship and recreation activities go hand-in-hand.

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