The Society of the Grasslands Naturalists honours and acknowledges that we live and work on the traditional territories of the First Nations People of Treaty 7, Treaty 4 and Metis people who share a deep history with this land.

We recognize and respect cultural heritages and relationships to the land. We extend our hands in peace and friendship to all indigenous peoples who have made these places their homes since time immemorial, as we forge together a relationship of reconciliation, respect and healing.

Welcome to the Scenic Views of Medicine Hat! When we are in nature, people receive benefits and enjoyment. We come alive, amongst its surrounding beauty, water, colours, plants, wildlife, hearing the sounds of life, and inhaling the scents of the environment. These joys, opportunities and gifts can come at different times of the day or season, and whether walking, biking, birding, exercising, fishing, paddling, boating, sketching, painting, taking photographs, reading, meditating, enjoying a family get-together, playing, or learning about the environment. A familiar outcome is simply feeling good. Responsible recreation in nature provides uplifting and rewarding experiences that can last a lifetime.

When nature is healthy, we as individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses benefit from its many social, economic, and environmental opportunities, values, and uses. Recreating in nature is beneficial to mental and physical well-being. Businesses benefit from the food, equipment, and clothing we purchase or rent. When the environment is healthy it can maintain its ability to produce energy, water and food; protect the soil from erosion; store and slowly release water; trap and filter pollution, capture carbon, and maintain a variety of life (biodiversity) including native plants and wildlife. By focusing on protecting nature while recreating, environmental goods and services can be maintained for present and future generations.

The Scenic Views of Medicine Hat offers learning opportunities to increase knowledge and appreciation of nature, enjoy beautiful views, and discover more about our City and its history. Have some laughs and get excited about your next, responsible adventure in nature! Let us now explore 17 Scenic Views chosen to represent our City’s outdoor areas, including parks, sensitive environmental areas; and other open spaces; and highlight the various recreation opportunities within. When visiting these sites, you can appreciate and learn about the many mysteries and benefits of healthy, natural areas.

At each of the 17 scenic views there is an education sign. On each sign there is a QR code which provides access to the Scenic Views website. You can then refresh yourself with any detailed information such as maps and points of interest. In addition, the signs provide the City’s Story Map website where you are able to browse and find more about our City such as their iMap (which provides details, addresses and building locations); trail maps, and information about our city’s arts and culture, and historical information.

We hope this information will help inform recreation users, enhance enjoyment of nature, and encourage respect for the environment.

A healthy nature supports a healthy and prosperous community!

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