Scene 16: South East Hill

This view is composed of a long series of forested and naturally slumping hill slopes with some grassland openings. Along the tops of these hills and in a north to south direction, a main and winding trail offers expansive views of the North and South Flats. In 1883, when the Canadian Pacific Railway reached this area, these flats provided a tent site for a large railway work camp from which the town of Medicine Hat developed. By 1898 the rapidly-growing settlement had been incorporated as a town, and by the next decade it was the fourth largest community in Alberta.

The SE Hill trail passes through a variety of woodlands and brushy areas where birds, like the Lazuli Bunting, are found hunting for seeds and insects. Towards the grassy areas located at the north end of the trail you will find many wildflowers like Harebell, Scarlet Mallow, and Butterfly Weed. At the south end of the SE Hill, you can view Medicine Hat College, and the Saamis Tepee constructed above the valley of Seven Persons Creek.

As the SE Hill bends west and along the creek, you will discover an Inland Skate and Kin Coulee Park. The northern hillside above the park is the site of the Old Hillside Cemetery (1884 to 1947) and is still maintained. Kin Coulee Park provides an abundance of seasonal recreation activities from playing ball to tobogganing. Continuing west you can adventure through a tunnel under the Trans Canada Highway that will lead you into the Saamis Coulee.

A. Walking a Dog and Climbing Steps

This view provides on-leash trails to walk, chat and take your pet for some exercise. You can also exercise by climbing the over 140 steps between South Railway Street and 6th Avenue SE at Belfast Street SE, or the over 100 steps from 6th Street SE at the top of Hill Road to Kingsway Avenue.

B. Inspiration

A great scenic view to relax on a nearby bench, and receive inspiration to sketch a new picture.

C. Closed but not Forgotten

The school and mill are now closed but once important places for learning and making food.

D. Between the Hills are There Always Flats?

Great views from the South East Hill such as the North Flats, Canadian Pacific Railway Station, Ross Creek Coulee, and native grassland hills near the Exhibition Stadium and Grounds.


  • All photos by Len Moser except where indicated otherwise under photo.

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