Scene 6: Mr. Burnside

Named after local businessman A.P. Burns, and his company Burnside Development. This view has maintained much of its original agricultural character such as irrigated crops. Mr. Burnside Trail winds upslope from the north side of the South Saskatchewan River, passes by irrigation pivots and through areas of native grasslands. Higher up in the hills one can see other Scenic Views across the river. These include the Gas City Campground in the east; Echo Dale to Campground; and the Echo Dale Park in the west.

The Mr. Burnside trail is about 6 km long and connects to additional mountain bike trails in the Town of Redcliff’s Valley Trail System.

A. Nature and Agriculture

This scenic view features pivot irrigated pulse, cereal, and oilseed crops, riparian areas, grassland hill slopes and coulee draws. Above the hill breaks there are native grassland flats including tepee rings.

B. Important Relationships

Butterflies pollinate Showy Milkweed plants and ensure the survival of both butterflies and plants.

C. Multi-Purpose Trail

A 6 km winding trail through the Mr. Burnside hills provides enjoyment to mountain bikers.

D. Dry Mixedgrass

This is another name for the native grasslands in the Medicine Hat area. Its climate is semi-arid. The Mr. Burnside Scenic View provides a variety of landscapes and topography while enjoying one’s recreation pursuits; whether passive like walking and photography, or active such as biking and running.

E. Let’s not Modify

Native grasslands and riparian areas are sensitive to the invasion of non-native species like Crested Wheat and Downy Brome Grasses. When invasion happens biodiversity is reduced and wildlife species and habitat are negatively impacted. We can help reduce invasive species by controlling them in our home properties.

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