Ranchlands Key Features

  • Hillside escarpment with grasslands, natural slumping ponds, trees, diverse plant communities, birding, wildlife habitat and species, winding trails, and changing topography.
  • Biodiversity of species and habitats.
  • View of river and cliffs as well as farmland.
  • Riparian Flats with endless landscapes of cottonwoods, South Saskatchewan River, wetlands with cattails, grasslands, birding and wildlife habitat.
  • Historical gravel pit operation including old trucks and dragline.
  • Views of river and cliffs.
  • Archaeological sites including tepee rings and children’s Inuksuk (stone landmark) surrounded by various native grass and flowering plant species, birding and wildlife habitat.
  • Conservation and Education Interpretive programs.
  • History – See the City of Medicine Hat’s Arts and Culture and Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

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