Scene 5: North West Riverside

This Scenic View features a section of the Trans Canada Trail running along the north side of the river from 5th Ave. NW to the Trans Canada Highway. The area is frequented by beavers and the brambles are home to many birds, waterfowl, and cottontail rabbits.

From the east end of the trail, a short walk takes visitors to the park beside St. Joseph’s Home. It features 17 sculpted brick murals of the “Stations of the Cross” by local artist James Marshall. Further on is the historic Finlay Bridge, built in 1908 to connect the two sides of the city.

River and Trans Canada Bridge

Cottonwood’s Autumn Colours – Photo by John Slater

A. Neighbours

Complete with views of hillside and riparian native plants and neighbours including residential housing and the Trans Canada Highway.

South Saskatchewan River

Trans Canada Bridge

River Stroll

B. Geese and Robins

Familiar visitors in all seasons.

Canada Goose

American Robin

C. Brier Patch

Dense brush offers a safe haven and food for animals like Cottontail Rabbits.

Cottontail Rabbit – Photo by Gerry Ehlert

Golden Currant and Perched Cattails on Hillside – Photo by John Slater

D. Beaver’s Art

Hard at work, these amazing creatures work their trade all along this scenic view trail, often leaving their signature art work behind. In some cases humans have added onto this work.

Beaver and Human Art – Photo by John Slater

Beaver Art – Photo by John Slater


  • All photos by Len Moser except where indicated otherwise under photo.

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