The Scenic Views of Medicine Hat was prepared by the Grasslands Naturalists Scenic Views Ad Hoc Committee: Hugh Armstrong, Gerry Ehlert, David Gue, Len Moser, John Slater, and Paul Thibault. A number of Grasslands Naturalists provided consultation: Marty Drut, Rob Gardner, Martha Munz Gue, Phil Horch. and Milton Spitzer. Jennifer Barrientos, City Assistant Archivist provided information about the history of Scenic View names. Brent Smith, Instructor, Division of Science and Health, Medicine Hat College provided ecological mapping services. Brenda Mercer and Pat Aaker from the Miywasin Friendship Centre helped us with the writing and photos for the Saratoga Park Scenic View. Cathy Linowski, GN Naturalist and JoLynn Parenteau, Indigenous Coordinated Access Program Manager, Miywasin Friendship Centre prepared the section on Indigenous History. Keziah Lesko-Gosselin and Jordon Duncan both with City Parks and Recreation, and Michele Josey, Manager of Communication Connections with City of Medicine Hat helped us throughout the project in matters dealing with scenic view signs, funding coordination issues, and consultation.

Editing was kindly volunteered and provided by Terri Ehlert, Keziah Lesko-Gosselin, David Gue, Dr. Shauna Wilton, and John Slater. Proof reading was provided by Keziah Lesko-Gosselin and Cathy Linowski. Help with plant, insect, and bird identification was kindly provided by Cathy Linowski, Dave McKenzie, and Milt Spitzer.

Local photographer Len Moser and technician Lindy Moser provided this website product with the majority of the photos. The following, additional photographers kindly filled in with their needed wildlife photos to complete our Scenic Views story: Gerry Ehlert, Dan Foley, Grant McLeod, Dwayne Myers, Milton Spitzer, Mark Schiebelbein, Dan Schiebelbein, and John Slater.

The Scenic Views of Medicine Hat was made possible by the funding and partnership contributions of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, and the City of Medicine Hat. Special thanks to Scott Richter, Business and Innovation Manager, City Parks and Recreation, and Jace Anderson and Darin Clisby with Tourism Medicine Hat.

The website product is provided as a best effort to support the protection, stewardship and recreation use of the Scenic Views of Medicine Hat. This includes representation of all the Parks, green and open spaces, Sensitive Environmental Areas, Undeveloped Area Structure Plans, and City Reserved Lands. The information contained in this document is subject to changes and no guaranty is provided in terms of its total accuracy. To complement this website product, the reader should consider reading the detailed information provided in the Scenic View’s write-up hotlinks and resource materials used section. In addition, please visit the City of Medicine Hat and Grasslands Naturalists websites.

In Memory of Hans Mueller – A wonderful naturalist, photographer, and a beautiful person

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