The Society

The Society of Grasslands Naturalists (GN) is a non-profit charitable organization based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.


  • To encourage study and protection of the natural world.
  • To provide educational opportunities such as lectures, field trips and publications.
  • To encourage the preservation of natural habitat and aesthetic natural features.
  • To assist in the collection and provision of records of species for statistical and educational purposes.
  • To act as stewards of the environment.



Yearly membership based on calendar year:

Individual: $20
Family: $25
Organization: $25

See Contact us for mailing address.

Membership Form

As a member of Grasslands Naturalists, you qualify for a Free Lifetime Nature Alberta Membership.


Donations to Grasslands Naturalists are another great way to support local nature and nature education.

Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Donations can be made by cash or by cheque payable to Society of Grasslands Naturalists and delivered either

  • in person at the Police Point Park Nature Centre or
  • by mail (cheques only) to Grasslands Naturalists, Box 2491, Medicine Hat, AB,T1A 8G8

Medicine Hat Interpretive Program

GN manages the Medicine Hat Interpretive Program (MHIP) located at the Police Point Park Nature Centre.

Society Bylaws

These are the current bylaws.

Executive and Directors

  • President: Phil Horch
  • Vice-President: Paul Thibault
  • Treasurer: Angela Turner
  • Secretary: Martha Maudsley
  • Past-President: Hugh Armstrong
  • Directors at large:
    • Ian Turner
    • Linda Fisher
    • Sheila McLeod


Budget Committee

  • Paul Thibault (Chair)
  • Hugh Armstrong
  • Jane McGough
  • Angela Turner

Bird Team Committee

  • Phil Horch (Chair)
  • Marty Drut
  • Ian Turner
  • Angela Turner
  • Dan Schiebelbein

Bird Friendly City Committee

  • Phil Horch (Chair)
  • Marty Drut
  • Ian Turner
  • Angela Turner
  • Dan Schiebelbein

Communications Committee

  • Corlaine Gardner (Chair)
  • Facebook: Tina Regehr
  • Newsletter: Milt Spitzer
  • Website: Paul Thibault
  • Alicia Lew

Environmental Framework Committee

  • Phil Horch
  • Martha Munz Gue
  • Gerry Ehlert
  • Marty Drut

Field Trips Committee

  • John Slater

Fund Raising Committee

  • Hugh Armstrong (Chair)

Governance Committee

  • Paul Thibault (Chair)
  • Hugh Armstrong
  • Linda Fisher

History of Grasslands Naturalists Committee

  • Phil Horch and Paul Thibault (Co-chairs)

Invasive Species Committee

  • Gerry Ehlert and John Slater (Co-chairs)
  • Martha Munz Gue

Indoor Program Committee

  • Linda Fisher

Irrigation Committee

  • Paul Thibault (Chair)

Issues Committee

  • John Slater
  • Martha Munz Gue
  • Dawn Dougan
  • Gerry Ehlert
  • Hazel Gray
  • Cathy Linowski
  • Jesse Roberts

Operations Committee

  • Hugh Armstrong (Chair)
  • Bob Townsend
  • John Slater
  • Bruce McLeod
  • Ian Turner

Scenic Views Committee

  • Gerry Ehlert (Chair)
  • John Slater
  • David Gue
  • Len Moser
  • Paul Thibault

The GN President, Phil Horch, is an ex-officio member of all committees with voting right.

Projects and Programs

Interpretive Program, Police Point Park

  • Alicia Lew (Chief Park Interpreter)
  • Mhairi Donnelly (Assistant Chief Park Interpreter)
  • Park Interpreters
    • Caelan Walton
    • Genevieve Mathieu
    • Hannah White
    • Isaiah Hurlbut
    • Rhys Mah Poy